"Watching the Back Trail"

Numerous techniques for traveling safely were employed by knowledgeable white men who adopted and expanded techniques which had been developed by the natives of North America during the periods of irregular warfare. One of the most read, if not the first manual pertaining to the strategies for these matters was “Rogers Ranging Rules”, developed and written by Major Robert Rogers who was in command of what is considered by most military historians to be the most effective ranger type unit of the British Army during that time period.¬† He specifically refers to rear-guards and their responsibilities of watching the back trail as he states: “When you pursue any party that has been near our forts or encampments follow not directly in their tracks, lest they should be discovered by their rear-guards, who, at such a time, would be most alert; but endeavor, by a different route, to head and meet them in some narrow pass or lay in ambush to receive them when and where they least expect it.” The warriors in “Watching the Back Trail” are also using another common tactic which was to proceed in single file, keeping at such a distance from each other as to prevent one shot from killing two men.

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