"Skye’s Spirit"

In 1998, a Native American couple lost their second child.  His name was Skye.  Three days later, the father who at that time was a professional Arborist, was in the top of a tree doing his job, when an eagle appeared in the sky above and uncharacteristically circled above him for many minutes.  He took this event to be a spiritual sign from his departed son.  About this time, the couple began a unique wildlife rehabilitation facility on fifteen acres in Venango County, Pennsylvania.  Skye’s Spirit Wildlife Rehabilitation Center came into being in honor of their lost son. They care for, and rehabilitate, sick, orphaned and injured wild animals and birds and provide a permanent home for those that cannot be released back into the wild. Skye’s Spirit Wildlife Rehabilitation Center is open seven days a week and is not state or federally funded and relies solely on donations.  They are an all volunteer 501 (C) (3) organization dedicated to helping wildlife in need.

10% of each print sold entitled “Skye’s Spirit” will be donated to Skye’s Spirit Wildlife Rehabilitation Center to help their very worthy endeavor.

  Available As A Limited Edition Canvas Print
Ten In The Issue
Size - 20" x 16"     Framed Price - $400.00     Unframed Price - $250.00